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Legacy Company submits plans for ‘most important regeneration project in 25 years’

5 Oct 2011

Chobham Manor CGI with Velodrome in background
Above: CGI impression of how the Chobham Manor neighbourhood could look once it is developed after the Games, with the Velodrome in the background.

A planning application that will shape the future of East London was submitted today as the Olympic Park Legacy Company moved into the next stage of delivering the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Family housing, connectivity and attractive open spaces are at the heart of the Legacy Communities Scheme (LCS), which covers 64 hectares of the Park where five new neighbourhoods will be built over 20 years.

The Park will offer up to 8,000 new homes, with 6,800 included in the LCS. A further 2,800 units will be created in the Olympic Village. Amenities including new schools, nurseries, community spaces and health centres, have been positioned to ensure they are accessible to people living around the Park as well as those in it – stitching the Park to its surrounding communities.

Planning applications for the rest of the Park, including the areas around the venues and north & south parkland, will come forward at later dates. Together they will combine to form one of London’s most important and comprehensive regeneration projects.

Andrew Altman, Chief Executive of the Olympic Park Legacy Company, said:

“This planning application represents a significant moment in making the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park a reality. This time last year we outlined our vision for the Park, today we are mobilising to make it happen.

“As one of the most important housing developments in London’s history, these five neighbourhoods will stitch together the surrounding communities of a formerly isolated area through new homes, schools, shops, parks, infrastructure and jobs.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said:

“This is an important step towards turning the vision for the development of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into a reality that will revolutionise the face of East London and deliver a lasting legacy for the capital. Creating a fantastic new community in which thousands of people can live and work, it will be the most important regeneration project that the city has seen in 25 years.”

Around 12,000 people have helped shape the 5,000 page LCS application through consultation and working with stakeholders including the host boroughs and community groups. The Legacy Company has responded by putting their key issues – family housing, accessible amenities and attractive open spaces – at the heart of the plans.

The public also helped to decide the names of the five new neighbourhoods through the ‘Your Park, Your Place’ competition earlier this year. They are: Chobham Manor, East Wick, Sweetwater, Marshgate Wharf and Pudding Mill.

Around 40% of the homes are family homes with the majority of the neighbourhoods drawing inspiration from London’s heritage of terraced housing. Up to 35% will be affordable housing in line with the London Plan.

There will be a rich public realm typical of what can be found in London’s great neighbourhoods, including 29 playgrounds, plazas, canal paths, roof gardens and cycle paths.

Three new schools, two primary schools and a secondary school, will support the neighbourhoods and the surrounding area along with Chobham Academy, which sits just next to the Olympic Village and will open in September 2013.

Other amenities include nine nurseries, three health centres and 12 multi-purpose community spaces, which could be community centres, libraries and gyms. They are in walking and cycling distance within each neighbourhood, and, importantly, are positioned in areas that are easily accessible to people living outside of the Park as well.

The LCS also provides for 130,000 sq m of employment space, which could provide around 4,400 jobs in 2031 – with other venues and programming on the Park likely to take that figure up to 8,000 jobs, with a further 2,000 construction jobs anticipated.

The five new neighbourhoods will open in phases to the public from 2013, with families moving into the first new homes in 2015.

They will sit alongside the sporting venues, 6.5 km of waterways, cultural attractions and open spaces, including the stunning green river valley in the north of the Park, and London’s newest public space in between the Aquatics Centre, Stadium and ArcelorMittal Orbit in the south plaza.

Both of these areas are subject to design competitions currently being run by the Legacy Company with more than 100 teams from Europe, North America and Asia vying to take part. For more information on our Design Competition, please visit the dedicated page on this site:


The Planning Decisions Team at the Olympic Delivery Authority will undertake a statutory consultation on the application between 5th October and 14th November. They will then consider the application and it is expected to be determined by summer 2012.


Notes for editors

A new CGI image showing a street level view of Chobham Manor is available from

A map of the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park showing the area that the LCS covers in available from

A map of the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park showing the neighbourhoods is available from

LCS neighbourhood summary

Chobham Manor (in the north-east of the Park)

  • 960 homes
  • Walk-in centre (two GPs, two dentists)
  • Two nurseries
  • Two multi-purpose community spaces
  • Facility for Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • Small retail and food/drink uses.

East Wick (in the north-west of the Park)

  • 830 homes
  • Three form entry primary school
  • Two nurseries
  • 3 multi-purpose community spaces
  • Facility for Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • Offices/light industry, retail and food/drink uses.

Sweetwater (in the west of the Park)

  • 800 homes
  • Three form entry primary school
  • Primary Care Centre
  • Nursery School
  • One community space – Ideas Store
  • Offices/light industry, retail and food/drink uses.

Marshgate Wharf (in the south-east of the Park)

  • 2,500 homes
  • Two nurseries
  • 5 multi-purpose community spaces
  • A hotel (14,500 sq m) to the south of the Aquatics Centre
  • Student accommodation (10,000) to the south of the Aquatics Centre
  • Retail and food/drink uses.

Pudding Mill Lane (in the south-west of the Park)

  • 1,650 homes
  • Walk-in health centre
  • Two nurseries
  • Two multi-purpose community spaces
  • Facility for Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • Six form entry secondary school
  • Office/light industry, small retail and food/drink uses.

The Olympic Park Legacy Company was established in May 2009 by its founders – the Government and Mayor of London - as a public sector, not-for-profit company, responsible for the long-term planning, development, management and maintenance of the Olympic Park. More information about the Legacy Company can be found on this website.

For further information please contact the Olympic Park Legacy Company Media Team on +44 (0) 20 3288 1777, +44 (0) 7817 386 499 or email:


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